I’m a Dutch artist and illustrator living in Turin, Italy.

The moment one observes, a judgment is already there. We look at a situation or person with an expectation and an assumption. What if we allow ourselves time to observe longer? 


I investigate how people relate to themselves, the Other and their environment. I myself as a maker and the viewer are confronted with how we look, have expectations and judge. Can we delay our first interpretation, observe slowly and become more connected to everything around us?


Since 2015 I’m the co-founder of Dutch brand -Afternoon Stories-.


2004 – 2007
Nimeto MBO
IDEB (Interior, decoration, exterior and protection)
The Netherlands

2010 – 2014

Willem de Kooning Academy
Bachelor of Fine Art in Education
The Netherlands


Nominations & Exhibitions

‘Drempelprijs’ 2014
Rotterdam, The Netherlands

Exhibition ‘The eye of the beholder’ 2023
Turin, Italy