Oil on canvas

In the diptych titled “Gemini,” a narrative of personal evolution and human connection unfolds across two canvases, each measuring 120x140cm. The focal point of this journey, is a woman her presence radiating against a soft yellow background. Through her gaze and posture, the artist encapsulates the powerful transition from self-imposed isolation to the warm embrace of open-hearted engagement.

On the left canvas, the woman’s appearance speaks of contemplation and introspection. She gazes downward, an expression of reflection and perhaps a hint of vulnerability. Wrapped in a vibrant blue sweater, she symbolizes a sense of inner solitude, disconnected from the world around her.

In contrast, the right canvas, captures the same woman in a transformative moment. Her eyes, now look upward with openness and a renewed sense of connection. Against the gentle yellow background, she embodies the essence of engagement, extending a metaphorical bridge between herself and the observer – you, the spectator.

As a spectator, you are invited to experience the dual emotions. Looking to the woman on the left you may sense a shared familiarity with moments of introspection, recognizing the times when you, too, have looked within and sought answers in solitude, moments of self-reflection. Looking to the woman on the right, a shift occurs. The woman’s gaze, now directed upward, mirrors the act of reaching out and connecting. Her transformation becomes an invitation for you to also engage, to embrace the world and the people around you.

The harmony between the two canvases serves as a powerful reminder of the dual nature within all of us – the moments of introspection that refine our awareness and the moments of openness that foster connections.


120 x 140 cm


On request


May 2023


Torino, Italy

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